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Sleepless in America

"Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, following up on her bestseller Raising Your Spirited Child, has written a truly impressive book about a very important issue, the impact of sleep problems on a child's behavioral and health problems. In Sleepless in America, Mary skillfully acquaints the reader with research indicating the link between sleep and behavior difficulties and offers realistic, practical solutions for helping children to sleep in a more peaceful and consistent manner, thereby enhancing their adjustment and the parent-child relationship. Her appreciation and empathy for the challenges of parenting are evident on every page of this remarkable book, a book I plan to recommend with enthusiasm in my clinical practice and parenting workshops."

– Robert Brooks, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School
coauthor of Raising Resilient Children

"Mary Sheedy Kurcinka really understands children. Sleepless in America helps parents care for their children in ways essential to child raising, but ways parents might not have thought of themselves. The practical strategies in the book resonate completely with today's family life, and the science-based information has immediate applicability. This is a powerful resource for any family."

– Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens, coauthors of
The Minds of Boys: Saving Our Sons from Falling Behind in School and Life

"Even the most seasoned parent can be pushed beyond the breaking point by a child who won't sleep. No matter how patient we are with our children during the day, nights with tired, cranky kids can bring us to our knees. Up against our own exhaustion, we find ourselves powerless to help our children find the deep, sustaining rest they need. In this wise, illuminating book, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka unlocks the secrets to a good night's sleep for parents and children alike."

– Laura Davis, author of Becoming the Parent You Want to Be
and I Thought We'd Never Speak Again

"Many books have been written about children and sleep, but this one — which focuses on the effects of sleep deprivation and misbehavior in children — contains comprehensive advice backed by scientific research. Licensed teacher Kurcinka (founder, Spirited Child and Power Struggles Workshop; Raising Your Spirited Child) addresses the countless sleep suggestions that have been made by others and formulates her own humane, sympathetic, and tailored approach. She stresses becoming aware of the decisions we make that influence how much sleep our family gets, making sleeping a priority, and figuring out the most effective techniques to help our children sleep. She specifically looks at children's different temperaments and formulates strategies and techniques based on individual needs. Just when you thought you'd read every sleep book out there, along comes this virtual sleep support group. Highly recommended for public libraries."

– Kari Ramstrom, MLIS, Plymouth, Minnesota
published in Library Journal January 1, 2006

"A welcome and innovative guide for both parents and health-care providers. I am excited to incorporate its wisdom into my own pediatric practice."

– Marjorie Hogan, M.D.
University of Minnesota

"Mary Sheedy Kurcinka's new book on sleep problems again demonstrates her extensive grasp of the nature and needs of today's children. Her understanding of the causes and management of sleep issues is based on her 20 years as a parent educator and on consultations with prominent behavioral scientists. Her most important message is that inadequate sleep is a prominent factor in many of the common behavioral problems displayed by children today. A great many parents will find this book helpful in its comprehensiveness, accuracy, clarity, and good sense."

– William B. Carey, M.D.
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia